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Labs & Centers

Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics (WNLO)

WNLO is one of the initial five national laboratories authorized in November 2003 by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) of the People’s Republic of China. It is organizationally structured with six divisions of fundamental research. These divisions encompass the following six research fields:

     Biomedical Photonics

     Information Storage and Optical Display

     Laser and Tera-Hertz Technology

    Optoelectronic Devices and Integration

    Optoelectronic Detection and Radiation

    Photonics for Energy

The Center for Gravitational Experiments (CGE)

CGE has been engaged in experimental research into gravitation, precision gravity measurements and related theories since 1983. It is now the only research center in China involved in gravitational experiments, and is especially well-known as a research center focusing on precise measurement of the Newtonian gravitational constant. In 2018, the center measured out the most precise Gravitational Constant G in the world so far.

Wuhan Pulsed High Magnetic Field Center (Field Center)

The Wuhan National High Magnetic Field Center, funded by the Chinese National Development and Reformation Committee, carries out research into the science of pulsed magnetic fields, and the power systems that generate them. Since October 2014, the center has been open to public scientific researchers from both China and abroad. It has thus far generated the highest peak field in Asia and the third highest in the world — 90.6 Teslas.

National Innovation Institute of Digital Design and Manufacturing (NI Institute)

The National Innovation Institute of Digital Design and Manufacturing, a joint undertaking by HUST and Tsinghua University, was approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in September 2018. Serving the national science strategy and pillar industries, the NI Institute focuses on   digital design, analysis, and manufacturing, among other key technologies, and provides an innovation platform for digital design and manufacturing. The Institute brings together intellectual resources and technical research support for core industrial software and process equipment in the key fields of digital and intelligent manufacturing, defining factors in China’s core competitiveness.

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